• Why Choose the MonaLisa Touch Laser Treatment?

    After menopause, vaginal itching, dryness, and burning are common. These symptoms can lead to painful intercourse for women, who frequently don’t tell their doctors about what they are experiencing. The good news for women is that help is available. The MonaLisa Touch laser can restore your sexual health and confidence in a simple office procedure performed by your urologist.

    MonaLisa Touch laser treatment is painless and performed in-office with no anesthesia, side effects, or downtime. Symptom relief occurs after just one treatment, and full results are usually achieved after three treatments. The MonaLisa Touch system triggers a healing response in the vaginal walls that increases moisture levels. This treatment is an ideal alternative to hormone replacement therapy and estrogen creams.

    To find out if the MonaLisa Touch laser is right for you, make an appointment with Urology Associates, P.C. at our Women’s Institute for Sexual Health in Nashville . Schedule your appointment today by calling (888) 329-7700.

  • Knowing the Symptoms of an Enlarged Prostate

    Many men develop an enlarged prostate as they age, but getting a diagnosis can take time. The more vigilant you are about the symptoms, the more likely you are to get treatment early. If you have any of these signs of an enlarged prostate, make an appointment with a urologist for treatment and to rule out conditions like prostate cancer.

    Urination Difficulties

    An enlarged prostate can interfere with urine flow by pressing against the urethra. This pressure makes it difficult for urine to move from your bladder out of your body. Initially, you may find that you struggle to begin urinating, and with time, you may find urination is completely restricted. Talk to a urologist if you are having difficulty urinating, because urine retention can lead to dangerous bladder swelling. Other urination problems that are associated with an enlarged prostate include a weak urine stream and nocturia—a condition with which you wake up two or more times per night to urinate.

    Urinary Tract Infections

    When you are unable to sufficiently empty your bladder, bacteria build up in your system, which can cause a urinary tract infection, or UTI. Having a UTI will exacerbate the other symptoms of an enlarged prostate and cause painful urination. You may also notice blood in your urine or that your urine is cloudy. UTIs can be treated by your urologist with antibiotics.

    Bladder Stones

    Failing to empty your bladder can also allow minerals in your urine to form crystals called bladder stones. Bladder stones can cause extreme pain and further interfere with your ability to urinate. If you have a small stone, you may be able to flush it out of your system by drinking plenty of water. Your urologist may need to prescribe additional treatments if your stone is large.

    The specialists at Urology Associates, P.C. can help you find relief from your enlarged prostate symptoms, including non-surgical and minimally invasive procedures. To make an appointment with a urologist in Nashville, call us today at (888) 329-7700.

  • How the Sling Helps Treat Incontinence

    Incontinence is a common problem for women. Heavy lifting and childbirth can damage the pelvic muscles and reduce the ability to control urine flow. If your urologist says your incontinence is caused by pelvic floor muscle weakness, the sling could be a solution. Watch this video to learn more.

    The sling is placed under the bladder to restore lost tightness and close the area between the urethra and the neck of the bladder. This closure reduces urinary leakage. Vaginal sling surgeries are quick procedures for many patients, who often leave the surgical center the same day of the procedure.

    Sling surgery is just one option provided by Urology Associates, P.C, for incontinence issues. Make an appointment with a urologist today by calling (888) 329-7700 to learn about incontinence treatment or other concerns, such as UTI treatment.