• Get the Facts About Xofigo

    Xofigo (radium-223 dichloride) is a type of cancer treatment that may be appropriate for some men with advanced prostate cancer. Xofigo is an injectable medication that works by binding with the minerals in the bones. This allows the drug to precisely target the delivery of radiation to tumors in the bones. If you’ve been undergoing treatment for prostate cancer, consider talking to a urologist about whether Xofigo could be right for you.

    Evaluating Whether Xofigo is Right for You

    Xofigo isn’t right for every patient with prostate cancer. However, you may be a candidate if you have metastatic castration-resistant cancer that has spread to your bones, but has not spread to other tissues. In other words, good candidates for Xofigo have prostate cancer that has demonstrated resistance to treatment with medical or surgical treatments that are intended to lower testosterone.

    Receiving Xofigo Treatments

    Xofigo is not available in pill form. It is administered as a slow intravenous injection into a vein at a urology clinic or similar facility. If your doctor recommends that you receive Xofigo, you can expect to go to the clinic once per month for a dosage. You may receive a maximum of six dosages. The total dosage and specific schedule your doctor recommends will depend on factors such as your general health and weight.

    Caring for Your Wellness

    During your cancer treatment, it’s important to follow your urologist’s instructions carefully. You’ll be informed of the side effects that you may experience and you’ll learn which symptoms warrant a call to the clinic. Because Xofigo is an internal form of radiation , it’s crucial that you exercise caution in keeping your body fluids from coming into contact with anyone else. Patients may also be advised to drink plenty of fluids each day, minimize the risk of infection and bleeding, and maintain strict bathroom hygiene.

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