• Our Advanced Therapeutics Center: What to Expect

    Focused on delivering high-quality care using the latest therapies and technology, our Advanced Therapeutic Center at Urology Associates, P.C. offers treatment that compliments the medicine provided by your care team for various conditions. Here, we work as a specialized unit of care providers and physicians to administer newer and more complex treatments to our patients.

    In some cases, when the disease progresses despite standard cancer treatment, the team at our Advanced Therapeutics Center can offer clinical trials as an option for eligible patients. Besides cancer therapies for advanced disease, we manage and monitor the side effects that can be brought on by agents used in clinical trials to help minimize their impact on put patients’ quality of life. Finally, we offer mobile specialty clinics that focus on bone health and men’s health.

    Would you like to discover more about our Advanced Therapeutics Center services or options for prostate and testicular cancer treatment in Nashville ? If so, then please contact Urology Associates, P.C. by calling (855) 901-1338.