• Why Choose the MonaLisa Touch Laser Treatment?

    After menopause, vaginal itching, dryness, and burning are common. These symptoms can lead to painful intercourse for women, who frequently don’t tell their doctors about what they are experiencing. The good news for women is that help is available. The MonaLisa Touch laser can restore your sexual health and confidence in a simple office procedure performed by your urologist.

    MonaLisa Touch laser treatment is painless and performed in-office with no anesthesia, side effects, or downtime. Symptom relief occurs after just one treatment, and full results are usually achieved after three treatments. The MonaLisa Touch system triggers a healing response in the vaginal walls that increases moisture levels. This treatment is an ideal alternative to hormone replacement therapy and estrogen creams.

    To find out if the MonaLisa Touch laser is right for you, make an appointment with Urology Associates, P.C. at our Women’s Institute for Sexual Health in Nashville . Schedule your appointment today by calling (888) 329-7700.