• Discover the Benefits of MonaLisa Touch

    Do you suffer from sexual dysfunction and painful intercourse due to vaginal dryness and other discomforts? If so, then it’s important to realize that it’s common for women to experience vaginal dryness and other changes after menopause, and MonaLisa Touch is a treatment option that may improve your sexual health by providing long-lasting relief. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of MonaLisa Touch.

    Simple Procedure

    If you’re like many women who experience vaginal discomfort due to a decline in estrogen levels, then you may have tried hormone therapy or estrogen creams and found that they were messy or ineffective. MonaLisa Touch is a laser treatment that takes less than five minutes to perform and is clinically proven to be effective. Patients experience no downtime or side effects, the procedure is performed in-office and without anesthesia, and, since 2008, thousands of women have been successfully treated.

    Effective Relief

    Treatment with MonaLisa Touch can improve your sexual health in many ways. After just a few treatments, many women experience an improvement in their dryness, burning, itching, laxity, and dyspareunia symptoms. Also, it’s common for women to experience some level of symptom relief after a single treatment.

    Life-Changing Results

    MonaLisa Touch works by delivering gentle, laser energy to the vaginal wall to enhance moisture levels, promote collagen production, restore proper trophic balance, and stimulate a healing response. Many women enjoy positive results in the first one to three treatments, and a typical course of treatment consists of three procedures conducted over a three-month period. MonaLisa Touch offers you an effective solution for vaginal dryness, burning, and itching that can provide you with life-changing results and help you regain your femininity.

    At Urology Associates, P.C., our urologists in Nashville offer specialized treatment for women’s sexual health issues. If you’re interested in benefiting from our MonaLisa Touch services, then please give us a call at (615)250-9265 to find out more or to schedule your appointment.

  • Urology Associates Offers Newest FDA-Cleared Breakthrough in Women’s Health Treatments

    Urology Associates’ WISH (Women’s Institute for Sexual Health) is pleased to introduce a leading edge treatment to their practice to improve vaginal health issues often caused by menopause and drug-induced suppression of ovarian function as a result of chemotherapy treatments from cancer. MonaLisa Touch, an in-office procedure that is virtually painless and requires no anesthesia, recently received FDA clearance.

    “This breakthrough procedure improves symptoms including dryness, pain, itching, painful urination and painful intercourse as early as the first treatment,” said Marcy Abel, M.D., FPMRS, who serves as the medical director for (WISH).

    Brooke Faught, MSN, WHNP-BC, IF, and Vikki Pedigo, MSN, WHNP-BC offer the latest technology available to diagnose and treat alterations in normal sexual function in the WISH program that was developed over ten years ago. “MonaLisa Touch is a real breakthrough for feminine health,” stated Faught. “It offers a, quick and painless remedy for a medical condition with a large unmet need for an effective treatment option. Traditional treatments do not always prove effective, so I am grateful I am able to offer my patients an alternative.”

    Faught and Pedigo are among the first in the middle Tennessee area to offer the special fractional CO2 laser specifically designed to help postmenopausal women as well as breast cancer survivors.

    For more information on MonaLisa Touch, please visit our website or call us at (615) 250-9265.

  • MonaLisa Touch FAQs

    MonaLisa Touch, a new treatment option offered by Urology Associates, delivers immediate and long-lasting relief through laser technology.

    Take a look at a few of the frequently asked questions about this life-changing procedure.

    Q: What happens during treatment?

    A: The procedure will seem similar to your annual exam, and will likely be even quicker. Your healthcare provider will insert the laser tip into your vagina and deliver laser energy “pulses”. The total procedure time is less than 5 minutes.

    Q: Does it hurt?

    A: The laser energy itself is painless. Some patients report mild discomfort with the laser tip insertion during the first procedure due to vaginal dryness.

    Q: How soon can I expect results?

    A: Many patients have reported that they experience relief right away. Virtually all patients have experienced relief by the second treatment, or week 6.

    Q: How long does treatment last?

    A: MonaLisa Touch provides long-lasting results. A once-a-year single treatment is recommended to maintain symptom relief. This can be done quickly and conveniently during your annual checkup.

    For more information about MonaLisa Touch, visit our website or give us a call at (888) 329-7700.

  • MonaLisa Touch: Fast, Simple and Safe

    When estrogen levels decline after menopause, many changes occur. Millions of women experience symptoms such as vaginal dryness, itching, burning or painful intercourse as a consequence of these changes. Many women suffer silently, and those who seek treatment find their options limited: messy estrogen creams or hormone replacement therapy, which isn’t for everyone.

    MonaLisa Touch laser treatment is a simple procedure that takes less than 5 minutes.

    It delivers both immediate and long-lasting relief. And it’s clinically proven to really work.

    • Simple, painless laser energy
    • In-office, no anesthesia
    • No side effects
    • No downtime
    • Symptom relief after just one treatment
    • Thousands of women successfully treated since 2008

    A new procedure that patients have called “life-changing”.

    MonaLisa Touch delivers gentle laser energy to the vaginal wall that stimulates a healing response and enhances moisture levels in the vaginal canal. A typical course of treatment is three procedures over 12 weeks.

    Many women report symptom relief after the very first treatment and even greater improvement after treatments 2 and 3.

    For more information about MonaLisa Touch laser treatment, visit our website or give us a call at (888) 329-7700.