Tips for Talking to Your Doctor About Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be a difficult issue for men to talk about, but in reality, it is an extremely common condition. Up to 5 percent of men over age 40 and 25 percent of men over age 65 experience this sexual health problem . The good news for men living with erectile dysfunction is that treatment is available as long as you consult with your doctor. Here are some tips for starting the conversation.

List Your Symptoms

Since erectile dysfunction can have many different causes, your doctor will pay close attention to the symptoms in order to make a diagnosis. Because it may be difficult to recall all of the important information your doctor needs, write down your symptoms before you go so you can report them accurately. Include details about times you experienced erectile dysfunction and your mood, eating and drinking habits, and overall health when incidences occur. It may help you to track your symptoms for a few weeks to identify any patterns.

Bring a List of Medications

Often, medications can be to blame for erectile dysfunction. Bring a list of all current medications and doses, including vitamins and over-the-counter medications, to your appointment. By reviewing this list, your urologist can determine if medications could be contributing to your symptoms and offer suggestions for alternative medicines that have a lower risk of side effects.

Be Honest and Direct

Try to dismiss any concerns you have about discussing erectile dysfunction with your doctor. Millions of men have the same conversation each year, and you won’t be the first to approach your doctor for help. Answer your doctor’s questions honestly and be direct about the questions you have. The more information you give your doctor, the better able he or she will be to provide effective treatment.

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