What Is Noncoital Pain Disorder?

At Urology Associates’ WISH—Women’s Institute for Sexual Health—we diagnose and treat a wide range of disorders that interfere with intimate relationships. Up to 43 percent of women will experience some form of sexual dysfunction in their lives, from hypoactive sexual disorder, in which there is an absence of sexual desire, to dyspareunia, or pain during intercourse.

Noncoital pain disorder is similar to dyspareunia, except that it refers to genital pain that occurs during non-intercourse sexual stimulation. There can be several different causes of noncoital pain disorder, ranging from infection to anxiety about sexual relationships. For patients experiencing this kind of pain, providers will work to determine the root cause of the problem before determining the right treatment approach. Some potential treatments for noncoital pain disorder include anesthetic creams, tricyclic antidepressants, and therapy.

Pain does not have to be an obstacle for healthy sexual relationships for women. Make an appointment with a WISH physician at Urology Associates by calling (888) 329-7700. In addition to addressing sexual health issues for women, our urologists can also provide care for sexual health in Tennessee for man, including treatments for erectile dysfunction.