What Causes Difficult Urination?

Many people think of incontinence when they think of problems with urination, but some people have a different concern: difficult urination. Difficult urination is characterized by weak urine streams, an increase in nighttime urination, and back and abdominal pain during urination. If you have difficulty urinating, don’t assume it is simply a sign of aging. Difficult urination could be the sign of an underlying medical problem and should be evaluated by a urologist.  

There are several different conditions that can cause difficult urination. Urinary tract infections can cause difficult urination in both men and women. In men, enlarged prostates can also interfere with the ability to empty the bladder. Kidney stones and other blockages can cause similar problems.  

Urination difficulty isn’t something you have to just live with. At Urology Associates, P.C., we can find the root cause of your symptoms and create a treatment plan that works. Make an appointment for a consultation with a urologist in Nashville by calling (855) 901-1338.