Who Is a Good Candidate for Vasectomy Reversal?

If you have had a vasectomy but later decide that you want more children, then a vasectomy reversal could be the right answer for you. There are a number of factors that go into determining if a reversal procedure is successful, and your urologist will review your personal health history when helping you decide if you are a good candidate. Here are some of the signs that a vasectomy reversal could be right for you.  

It has been less than 15 years since your vasectomy.  

Generally, the more recent your vasectomy was, the more likely it is for your reversal to be successful. Although studies vary, 15 years seems to be the point at which the success of a vasectomy reversal tends to drop off considerably. Newer surgical techniques are more successful than in the past for vasectomy reversals, even when a considerable amount of time has passed, but the length of time since the vasectomy is still a factor.  

You haven’t had additional surgeries in the groin area.  

Other surgical procedures in the groin area, such as hernia surgeries, can decrease the chances of having a successful vasectomy reversal. This includes previous vasectomy reversal surgeries that were unsuccessful. Some surgical procedures increase the chances of a blockage in the vas deferens that makes reversals more difficult.  

A minimal amount of the vas deferens tubing was removed during your vasectomy. 

If a large amount of the tubing of your vas deferens was removed during your vasectomy, there may not be enough left to reconnect or it may make your surgical procedure more difficult. It can also be more difficult to reverse your vasectomy if your vas deferens was cut length-wise during your original surgery.  

If you are interested in a vasectomy reversal, make an appointment with a urologist at Urology Associates, P.C. to discuss your case. Our urologists in Nashville will review your history and help you decide if a vasectomy reversal is a good choice for you. To schedule your consultation, please call (855) 901-1338.